Monthly Archives: February 2016

Only Darkest Dungeon


You ask me why I am afraid of those shadowed corridors; why I cower more than others upon seeing a torch burn slowly to its end, and become physically repulsed when a stack of tomes or sack of rough burlap lies curiously near. There are those who say that I respond to the creak of wood the same as a foul stench, and I am the last to refute those claims. What I will do is explain to you the circumstances that surround my curious condition, and leave up to you to decide if this game provides a suitable reason for my oddity. You should know why I become deranged with fear, yet so manic in my eagerness to return to…the Darkest Dungeon. Continue reading Only Darkest Dungeon

“Where’s The Fair Use?”

I’m willing to bet that a majority of you watch YouTube. It’s a form of entertainment so ingrained into our culture that it’s difficult to find anyone, young or old, who hasn’t professed to use it some┬ácasual capacity. It’s a great site for creative minds to produce content essentially free for everyone to view; it’s a digital marvel in breadth and accessibility. That’s why you should support your content creators in fighting against the unjust fair use practices that have plagued the platform since its inception. Continue reading “Where’s The Fair Use?”