Monthly Archives: April 2016

Public Service Gunnouncement

The weekend is a magical time. The weekend can be a savior, a breath of fresh air to keep your sanity in check, and a refuge from the monotony of the week at regular. The weekend can also be a harsh, crushing reality, as your shackles remain fastened to the inevitability of work-in-progress. I wish the former for all of you out there.

Either way you’ll hopefully have a little time set aside for yourself this weekend, because we may be experiencing a golden age of free gaming opportunities. There are a slew of games that have just been made playable to everyone for a short time; so if you can tear yourself away from Dark Souls 3 for a few minutes, and you’re a fan of the shoot-bangs, get ready to siphon the bandwidth away from any other chumps you live with. Continue reading Public Service Gunnouncement