Blizzcon Bonanza


Blizzcon began today with a slew of news coming from Blizzard Entertainment and its related properties. Panels, announcements, and tournaments abound! There’s a lot to mull over here, so consider this your Blizzcon compendium of cool new stuff coming to a Blizzard product near you.


Remember that popular strategy game that became an even more popular MMORPG, and a slightly less popular than the MMORPG card game? Well they’re making a movie about it now directed by Duncan Jones and is due to come out June 10, 2016. Here’s the first official trailer that was recently revealed:

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s casual-focused MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, had quite a few announcements involving four heroes, a new map (Towers of Doom), and a new game mode called “The Arena.” With a focus on Warcraft characters this time around, Greymane, Lunara, and Cho’Gall will all be joining the nexus soon. Cho’Gall being particularly interesting in that he’s a hero that’s meant to be controlled by two players at the same time. In addition, the unreleased arena shooter Overwatch will be adding its poster-child, Tracer, to the game as well, marking the first crossover for Overwatch characters.

The Arena will be a hectic five minute game mode over a single objective. Players will be given a random selection of three heroes to choose from before entering the match, with no unique hero restrictions, meaning you could end up on a full team of Illidans. Oh god the horror.

Check out the new heroes and map here:

More info about the Arena mode:


Though still in its early form, Overwatch is growing increasingly popular as gamers scramble at a chance to play it. Most had assumed that it would be the newest entry into Blizzard’s line of free-to-play offerings, preceded by Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm; however, surprisingly, Overwatch will be offered at a base price.

For a mere $40, you’ll be able to play Overwatch, all 21 heroes available from the start. For those with a bit more dosh lying around, you can spring for the “Origin” edition for $60, which includes extra skins as well as additional content for Blizzard’s other franchises. There’s also the $130 Collector’s Edition bundle which includes the soundtrack, a visual source book, and a statuette.

If you’re interested in the details, check out the Overwatch site here.

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