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Only…a Nidhogg 2 Review

“Rend with cowardice.”

Nidhogg tells a tale of nebulous honor. It provides all of the framing of a professional duel, tainted, smeared over with the blood of many colorful, fighting fanatics. No swing too abrupt, no boot too dirty. Prepare for a hail of flickering blades, as warriors tumble in droves after every misstep, or after every twist of the wrist. Let’s not beat around the Hogg here, such duels were never fair. Armed or unarmed, fight or flight, whatever it took to reach the end of the hallowed corridor. It’s a series full of rousing airborne kicks, flighty fencer’s blades, roughneck spinal severing…and anything else you might find commonplace at a particularly churlish Renaissance faire. Continue reading Only…a Nidhogg 2 Review

Only…a Night in the Woods Review

“Everything sucks forever.”

Don’t be mistaken by its delightful presentation, Night in the Woods is a game whose aesthetic frequently contradicts its tone. It’s a story about reminiscing on unfulfilled dreams and the reality of disparate circumstances. It’s about the exploration of identity through past friendships, and the monumental gaps between generational ideologies. It’s about other stuff too. Weird, creepy, not altogether lucid, stuff.

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Only…a Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Review

“Ragazza del mostro Paradiso”

Admittedly, I had never played a Shantae game before. I had heard vague, hot whispers of WayForward’s purple-haired woman and her veneration among a larger cult following; but in earlier years the series seemed to exist in obscurity, and it wasn’t until Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse that I began to hear more about the games and their critical acclaim. Thus, the genie and I had never formally met. Delayed by a couple of years, we fast forward to Shantae: ½ Genie Hero, a game of many firsts. First in the series to be funded via Kickstarter, the first to implement 3D environments, and the first entry I’d be introduced to. It’s certainly a strong opener. Continue reading Only…a Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Review

Only Darkest Dungeon


You ask me why I am afraid of those shadowed corridors; why I cower more than others upon seeing a torch burn slowly to its end, and become physically repulsed when a stack of tomes or sack of rough burlap lies curiously near. There are those who say that I respond to the creak of wood the same as a foul stench, and I am the last to refute those claims. What I will do is explain to you the circumstances that surround my curious condition, and leave up to you to decide if this game provides a suitable reason for my oddity. You should know why I become deranged with fear, yet so manic in my eagerness to return to…the Darkest Dungeon. Continue reading Only Darkest Dungeon

Only Ironcast

In this alternate history puzzler you’ll hear the metallic crunch of behemoth war machines. The old streets will crumble under the thunderous echoes of high-caliber canonry, and be illuminated by the crackle of lightning coils ready to mark their targets. But most importantly you’ll think about your every girder creaking maneuver, knowing that one mistake, one miscalculated command, could be the difference between victory and a chassis shattering defeat. Strap on your tin watch and brass goggles, because Ironcast is probably the best tile-matching game you’ll play this year. Continue reading Only Ironcast

Only Loadout

“Hell is empty. All the devils are here.”

Loadout is, if anything, bombastic. In a developer market obsessed with waist high cover and tactical realism, it certainly isn’t a game that will appeal to everyone. It can be loud, crude, ridiculous, infuriating, and juvenile at the best of times. You’ll hear the shrill screams of your characters’ final throes and find yourself either laughing or shaking your head when they raise a bloody middle-fingered salute. You’ll see this sort of thing a lot, as survival is something of a luxury in a game teeming with so much frenetic commotion. Make no mistake, staving off the reaper for more than a minute is a grand feat when considering the arsenal of skin-searing murder weapons. So if you’re looking for a game that rewards patience, brimming with constant tension and sweeping maneuvers, then you’ll probably want to avoid the exasperation and take a pass here. However, if the words: “penta-barreled, laser-guided electric rocket launcher” fills your eyes with a childlike sparkle and curiosity, then maybe you should just download the game right now.

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