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“Where’s The Fair Use?”

I’m willing to bet that a majority of you watch YouTube. It’s a form of entertainment so ingrained into our culture that it’s difficult to find anyone, young or old, who hasn’t professed to use it some casual capacity. It’s a great site for creative minds to produce content essentially free for everyone to view; it’s a digital marvel in breadth and accessibility. That’s why you should support your content creators in fighting against the unjust fair use practices that have plagued the platform since its inception. Continue reading “Where’s The Fair Use?”

Steam Sale – The Witching Hour Nears

Like the leaves themselves the “Steam Exploration Sale” is gently wafting to its end. It won’t be long before the resurgence of sales come winter proper, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of some great deals right now. Near the final hour I wanted to offer up a list of games that you can buy at a primo price, just to be sure you didn’t have any spare change left in your wallet. Continue reading Steam Sale – The Witching Hour Nears