Dark Souls 3 Japanese Launch Trailer

In a perfect world there would be no console wars, Nintendo might actually know how to do business, and localization would be simultaneous across the globe. But since I still don’t know what the hell Amiibo are for, I suppose it’s not a perfect world, and I suppose it’s fair that Japan get a head start on FromSoftware’s final entry in the venerable Souls series. At least considering that they built the thing.

I’m certainly one to suggest going into any game with as little knowledge as feasibly possible. The element of surprise in any media is a luxury that requires more effort nowadays than ever before. The payoff can be well worth the stress, however, and I consider no exception for Dark Souls 3.

Did I say no exception? I meant one exception, because frankly this trailer is fantastic. If your veins weren’t bursting with excitement before, consider laying down some rain coats before you click “play.”

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