Dawn of War III Announced


Sorry, I had to get that out of the way.

We’ve heard little from the Dawn of War series until now. Dawn of War II’s last expansion, Retribution, was released in 2011, and since then the fans have been eager to cut more bloody swathes through the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Like a kraken round the franchise exploded into a myriad of games taking place in both the fantasy and future realms of Warhammer: Space Marine, Regicide, Mordheim, and Vermintide just to name a few. But it wasn’t until recently that Sega unveiled its plans for Dawn of War III, to be developed by Relic Entertainment with a scheduled release in 2017.

Solid information is scarce, though we know that there will be a three-faction campaign split between the three classic adversaries, Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks. Much like the deepening void of space the rest is a mystery, but fear not, for we still have our faith and a cool cinematic trailer. If you thought Warhammer was a dark and gritty universe before, you’ll be spitting coal by the end of the video.

Now we must wait again, wait and pray to our glorious space pope.

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