Project Knoxville – The Battle Royale of the American South.

The city of Knoxville is a small place. It’s a simple town with simple tastes, such as pubs, parks, possums, and free-for-all murder games, apparently. One of Microsoft’s developers, Press Play, is working on a game that will satiate your almost constant need to betray the ones you love. From Microsoft:

Knoxville is a third-person, multiplayer action game that deals with fragile alliances and survival, in a game show setting. It’s inspired by films like “The Running Man” and “The Hunger Games,” and players must work together and against each other.

There’s a brief glimpse of prototype game play here. It’s certainly an interesting experiment, with incentives to prevent you from just swinging your knife arms at anyone that moves. Although knowing how previous survival games such as DayZ turned out, I’m sure we can still expect the occasional blood-crazed maniac.

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