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Only…a Nidhogg 2 Review

“Rend with cowardice.”

Nidhogg tells a tale of nebulous honor. It provides all of the framing of a professional duel, tainted, smeared over with the blood of many colorful, fighting fanatics. No swing too abrupt, no boot too dirty. Prepare for a hail of flickering blades, as warriors tumble in droves after every misstep, or after every twist of the wrist. Let’s not beat around the Hogg here, such duels were never fair. Armed or unarmed, fight or flight, whatever it took to reach the end of the hallowed corridor. It’s a series full of rousing airborne kicks, flighty fencer’s blades, roughneck spinal severing…and anything else you might find commonplace at a particularly churlish Renaissance faire. Continue reading Only…a Nidhogg 2 Review