The location for all my tongue-in-cheek video reviews. I probably wouldn’t take them too seriously.

A Shantae review in video form. It must be a genie-related miracle!

The Darkest Doughnut. The Darkest Chocolate. The Darkest Coffee. The Darkest Meme. The Darkest Knight. The Darkest Hour. The Darkest Woods. The Darkest Heart. The Darkest Baby…

A story a thousand years in the making. Animals, ninjas, superheroes, and bikini’s; anything you could ever want is here. Except fun. Doesn’t have that.

Because the world was in need of more vampire related content, I saw fit to take on the mantle. You’re welcome.

If you like questing as much as I do, then surely you’ve pondered from time to time: “How can I inject more wrongdoings into my daily nonsense activities?” Well the answer is finally here! With all the power of a bargain microphone and a bag of Thin Mints I’ve concocted the most evil thing I can possibly think of. More subjective opinions and sarcasm.

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